Branding and Logos – What is the difference?

This question is often asked and just as often branding and logos are confused with each other. Many a friendly debate has been held over these two items. An entrepreneur can have an amazing logo but no supporting brand. In other words, there is no consistency between the logo and the various marketing materials used within the business.  All your business documents need an identity that will hold them together visually to say this is this companies brand. If you cover, the logo on any of the materials there is nothing that allows the customer to visually identify the business.

Logos and Branding are critical to your image

Your audience of customers will perceive your brand as your corporate image.

Identity is the visual or seen part of the brand.

A logo is the identifier of the business in its most simplistic form through the use of a small visual image.

You can’t just slap your logo on all your marketing materials and call it branded. You have to create a brand image that is consistent and can be used on every single piece of marketing you create. In other words, the fonts used, the colours, the images all must hold together and speak to your brand. A logo and a brand are NOT the same thing.

A logo is simply put an easily recognized piece of design that can include a name or a symbol and is in specific colors. It is a tool to represent a brand.

A brand is the design that differentiates your business from another.  A brand that is designed for you will become the ‘voice’ of the company. It will include anything visual from signage to your website. A brand is the overall experience a potential customer has when it comes into contact with any service or product your company offers.

In order to create a company identity you need to take into account as many items as you can. These might include:

  • Letterhead, business cards, all the company stationery from invoices to envelopes.
  • Newsletters, flyers, brochures and your website
  • Packaging and the Products that comes in that packaging.
  • Uniforms, if you have staff a consistent, clean approach to a uniform in keeping with your company design such as a t-shirts in a consistent color with a logo.
  • The exterior and interior design of your company premises, from signage to chairs in the lobby. Is the design consistent?

Think of it this way. A logo all by itself is just a pretty picture with a name. A brand is the communications strategy that helps your company stand out in a crowded business world and allows you to communicate your expertise and commitment.

A good brand strategy will help your company reach an audience that will be able to immediately see what your company is about.

Do you have a logo, or do you have a brand?

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