Pinterest Fixed Price Services

Pinterest Graphics  Pinterest optimized graphics using the customer’s existing branding, format, provided photos, for pins that link back to products, blog articles. All graphics will be created using Canva and/or Photoshop.

  • Standard sized Pinterest tall graphics and single board covers. €5.00 each
  • Custom board covers for your entire account. Hourly rate
  • Over-sized pin graphic using more than one photo,
  • additional design elements, multiple fonts. €7.50 each
  • Extra large (very long) graphic such as an Infographic,
  • mostly text, with design elements woven in. €25.00 each

Manage Your Group Boards

Manage board requests, comments, following etc.,                                                         Hourly rate

Tailwind Account Setup
(Tailwind purchase not included.)

Tailwind has become an invaluable tool for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who utilize Pinterest to grow their business. Tailwind is constantly adding new features.
Not only does the platform allow you to automate and optimize your pinning, it provides valuable in-depth analytics about your Pinterest activity.                                                                    €100.00

  • Verify your domain and link to your Pinterest profile
  • Create a custom optimized pinning schedule for your website content
  • Create an optimized pinning schedule for related content
  • Join 4 relevant Tailwind Tribes

    **Tailwind purchase required.
    Use my affiliate link HERE to get one month free.**

Boardbooster Account Setup
(Boardbooster purchase not included.)

Boardbooster has a couple of great features that Pinterest business owners and bloggers love. It automates the process of recirculating your popular board content, and can also automatically grab pins from relevant boards you choose. This helps grow your Pinterest account.

*Boardbooster purchase required. Use my affiliate link HERE.                                     Hourly rate depending on which programs you want to utilize.

Terms for all services

Hourly rate for 2018 is €35

Payment in full is required prior to the beginning of each month. 

Proposal valid for 30 days from discovery call/email.

Monthly plans must be paid in full before the start of each new month to avoid a gap in services.

All fees paid via PayPal in Euros, or via Bank Transfer Prices and packages subject to change.





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