Wordsmithing, content, copywriting and ghostwriting

I am an experienced and creative wordsmith who uses words to demand attention, entertain and educate, transform cold prospects into attentive subscribers and attentive subscribers into active customers.

Content creation can be time consuming and not everyone has the ability to write thought provoking stories, or include the relevant information needed to rate higher on Google

I write it – you post it How does it work ?

Regularly updating the written content across your online platforms is fundamental to supporting your online presence.

Unfortunately many businesses either don’t have the time or skills to write great content for their websites.

Getting the right message across to your customers is key to growing your business.

How can The Artful Marketer support your business?

I offer custom crafted SEO rich content for your business. Increasingly search engines favour websites which have regularly updated content of a high standard and google in particular likes long form content that includes valuable information.

Let me take on the arduous task of producing content for your website. Frequent website updates ensures that your company is attracting organic searches and search engine crawling on a regular basis which is a key to online growth. Frequently updating your website is a key and this means constantly creating new and interesting content. This is where I come in….

Regular content = more traffic!

How much does it cost?

Truth is that it depends.

First of all I need to understand your business, your goals and more importantly what your customers are looking for. Words on a topic that you think might relate to your audience just don’t make sense. A sound strategy and research are needed to support the words, without them you might as well just set fire to your money as there will be no ROI.

You can go to a content mill like Upwork or Fivverr and pay pennies per word, but you know the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. If a simple re-write of previously churned out materials is all you need. It could take and should take at least a half hour to ensure that the work is plagiarism free and can pass copyscape at the very least.

Good website content can be re-purposed into, a brochure, parts of a sales presentation, a collection of posts for social media, it can also be used for podcasts, video scripts or simply serve as an inspiration for a tutorial or even a speech.  Good content writing is worth is weight in gold and if you think carefully and strategically about what you need and what the content can be re-purposed for you will come to the conclusion that the value of good copy is far more than you ever considered.

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Content Writing

Good content writing begins with good research and I guarantee that my research is 100% accurate and up to date.

I charge .50 cents per word which includes SEO, Keywords, Images, graphics and solid research. 

Good content takes whatever time it takes but for the most part a 1000 word blog piece will run around an average of 4-5 hours. This includes research, fact checking, writing a draft, re-writing, editing, revising, editing, proofing and making sure you as the customer are happy with the piece.

Fountain pen writing

General Marketing – €45 p/h

My standard hourly rate for marketing support is $45. Minimum 1 hour is chargeable. Example task list includes: social media set up and management (Facebook/Twitter etc), website maintenance and so on. For more details please contact me at

Business Plans – start at €1500

Marketing Plans – start at €1500

Strategic Plans – that include marketing start at – €2500

Sometimes it makes more sense to hire me for few hours a week on a regular basis. The price will depend on approximate number of hours estimated to complete the project, overall budget and what my involvement entails.

Estimates* for typical on-line projects:

Projects Estimated hours to complete
Re-write/Edit existing web copy 1-3 hours per page
SEO Articles (300-500 words) 2-4 hours per article
Press Releases 2-3 hours per letter
Sales Letters 2-4 hours per letter
On-line Catalogues 2-3 hours per page
Original web content copy 2-4 hours per page
E-mail marketing letters 1-3 hours per day
Newsletters 2-5 hours per page
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