The Artful Marketer: Social Enterprise Development Consultant:  2008-present

Specializing in developing business frameworks for not for profits and assisting in creating social enterprise works that allow NGO’s to have an in-house for profit corporation.

Consulted with Second Stage Housing in St Thomas to develop a business plan and model for rental housing for abused women.

Worked with CultureWorks as a Student Advisor for ESL students wishing to access higher education in Canada. Recruitment, tutoring, assistance with Visas, Study Permits and developing student assistance programs.

ESL College (now disbanded) wrote a curriculum plan for ESL students hoping to gain access to Canadian Colleges, Universities and Public education.

Researched and wrote a Business Plan and Marketing Plan for London Community Players that assisted the Board in their efforts to increase ticket sales by 50% and created ongoing partnerships and collaborative proposals that brought in over $750,000 in 2 years.

Developed a Youth Theatre Program (Theatre LYTE) including a 5 year strategic plan that included: School Year theatre training, summer camp programs, staffing and hiring guidelines, social media strategy and plan, business plan and revenue development program

Created and developed the event rentals programming at Fanshawe Pioneer Village which generated an 800% increase in event revenue generation. Created a 3 year Strategic Plan for the business including marketing and promotional materials, staffing guidelines, social media strategy & management plans.

Worked with Delaware Nations in Bothwell, Ontario to develop gourmet versions of their cornbread and Three Sisters Soups. Once the recipes were developed with the community we designed the packaging and then created a marketing program to get the product into the gourmet marketplace.

Acted as a mentor to newcomers to Canada in the development of their businesses to be built in Covent Garden Market.  Assisted the Farmer’s Market in Western Fair in obtaining interns and staff to develop vendor and customer programming.

Developed the OEV Business Hub and community to promote and market the Old East Village to London and change perceptions of the neighbourhood and community.

Wrote a community grant for the Old East Village that created partnerships between, OEV Community Development Board, Aeolian Hall, The Potter’s Guild, the Palace Theatre and the Farmer’s Market at Western Fairgrounds. The grant brought in approximately 2 million dollars and provided each organization with 3 staff to promote, market and develop the OEV as a tourist centre.

Worked with the Old East Village Community Development Corporation to encourage place-making efforts in the community.

London Community Players/Palace Theatre: 2010 – 2015

I was originally hired by London Community Players (LCP) to market and promote the Palace Theatre as the place to see and share community based theatre productions. This was a part-time position but within 3 months I had raised enough funding to pay my own wages for over a year. By 2012 I was hired as the full-time General Manager which essentially meant I was the GM, Marketing Manager, Rentals Manager, Facility Manager and Grants & Program Manager all rolled into one.

With an entrepreneurial background it was critical that I establish multiple revenue streams and encourage the development of the theatre and the work of LCP as a community based social enterprise.  This meant implementing solid business and marketing plans which would allow us to develop those multiple revenue streams.

In the 5 years I raised over $750,000 in grants, increased single ticket sales by 50%, developed a rental program that brought in over $50,000 in revenue a year, developed a youth program that now runs year round and cemented LCP’s reputation as one of the top community theatre groups and venues in London.

The marketing program I established has successfully branded the Palace Theatre as the place to see a play at an affordable price and I also developed a very successful social media marketing program that reached over 15,000 a month. We were also a strong collaborative partner in the Old East Village Revitalization Plan and I established a partnership with Fringe London that would see the Fringe come to the Old East Village.

Sun & Sky Foods: 1995-2007

A food consultancy company specializing in the development of products based on grains, beans, and locally grown ingredients. Sun & Sky Foods developed and produced gluten free products for the whole food market specializing in breads, cakes, muffins, pizza dough and other products created in a gluten free environment.

In 1995 Sun & Sky Foods developed the first flavoured wrap in Canada that was originally produced in Aylmer.  Over the course of the next ten years the wrap business grew exponentially and we developed the brand in the Canadian marketplace to build the product into a household staple.

Sun & Sky Foods sold the brand to Sepps Fine Foods which was later sold to McCain’s. During that 10 year period we developed private label products for Longos, Sobeys, Loblaws, Pusateris, A&P all with a focus on locally grown, natural and organic commodities such as beans, lentils and grains. Sun & Sky also worked with Lake City Foods to develop new salad toppings, snack foods and other food product items for the Kosher, and natural food industry.


BA in Cultural Anthropology University of Western Ontario

Business Accounting Certification Fanshawe College

Creative Writing Certificate Fanshawe College

How to write government grants Charity Village

How to write foundation grants Charity Village

Udemy Online: SEO Training Academy

Virtual Assistant Training 5 Day Academy Program

Pinterest: Mastering Pinterest


Created and developed the OEV Hub a community enterprise information hub for the Old East Village London, Ontario

Mentored new business developers through the Community Futures Program (Federal Government)

Mentored food based entrepreneurs with the Small Business Centre

Developed outreach programs for refugees, immigrants and newcomers to “Tell a Story” through theatrical presentations

feel free to check out my linkedin profile for more information and references and you can download a copy here.


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