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One of the biggest false assumptions about using social media for marketing is that it doesn’t cost money and it’s fast.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram—they’re all free platforms businesses can use to directly engage with their audiences. But the idea that engagement is easy, free, and quick is false, according to Amy Vernon, social marketing consultant and cofounder and CMO of “One of the biggest false assumptions about using social media for marketing is that it doesn’t cost money and it’s fast,” says Vernon. “Like all good things, ‘getting the word out’ takes time.” Social media marketing is not easy and don’t make the mistake of thinking it is, but I can help you create a workable plan for your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Build your Channels Early

You should never wait until your blog or website is launched you must start building your social media presence early. Social Media is all about becoming an expert in your industry or field. I can help you create a social media campaign for all aspects of your business: before you launch and after you launch.

2. Influencers

In social media you need to connect with “influencers” in your field. I will find those people for you and connect with them on your behalf to start building these important relationships with influencers and experts in your field.

3. Finding an Audience

If you haven’t taken the time to build your networks and develop relationships ahead of time, we will need to figure out which social platform are best to reach your target market.  I will find out who’s talking about what, where they’re talking about it, and then start listening. Figuring out where to find your target market on social media does take time, and involves searching for people who are talking about topics that are important to you.

4. Join the conversation

You can’t start on Social Media by jump jumping in and telling people to buy your stuff. You need to create a conversation and raise awareness of your expertise and knowledge. Social Media is about engagement and creating a relationship between you and your potential customers and audiences.

As a rule of thumb it is standard in the Social Media arena that 90% of your content should be sharing other people’s content and 10% should be promotional.  You want to share content that interests your audience and become a source of information and knowledge for them, so when you do share and promote your business or products your audience has trusted you to share with them relevant information.

All of these efforts take time and if you have the time but not the funds then go head and tackle the work yourself. If you need help this is where I come in contact me for quotes on a variety of packages for social media promotion of your business or service.

  • Social Media Marketing Manager: You want the benefits of social media but don’t want the hassle of updating it daily and monitoring it. I’ve years of experience in maintaining social media presences for businesses and will get you an ROI.
  • Social Media Audit: You are already using social media and things are going well but you’d like to see if you’re using it properly and that’s where I come in. I take an in depth look at your social media efforts and find out any weaknesses that there may be.
  • Social Media Strategy: You want to use social media but you don’t know what to talk about or how best to use it for your business. I can provide you with a tailored social media strategy for your business and provide you with a game plan on what to do.
  • Social Media Training: You have never used Facebook or Twitter for business before but now want to. I can provide basic up to advance training on how to use social media to benefit your business.

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