The Elements of Good Logo Design

Since a logo is quite probably, the first thing a potential customer sees about your business it needs to be clean, simple and representative of your company. Your logo designer should make sure that the logo represents what the company does. The professional image of the company and it must appeal to the appropriate target audience and symbolize your corporate culture.

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Less is definitely more when it comes to logo design and sometimes it pays to hire a professional graphic designer to create a logo for you. Keep in mind that a logo must be simple, clean and clear and shouldn’t be cluttered by a whack of different fonts and colours. A logo can be reproduced in high quality and low quality and it is critical that it reads clear no matter what the quality of reproduction is.

Things to keep in mind when designing a logo are:

Color –  it is critical to ensure you use the right color; each color has a psychological effect and a meaning. This is why banks use the color blue most often, as it is a color that conveys trust. Ecologically friendly companies obviously use greens and blue to give the impression of being earth and water friendly.

Icons and symbols –  immediately make people think of behavior or characteristics that you want associated with your business. As an example a graphic of leaves, trees or natural colors immediately says environmentally friendly, “green” and so on.

Words – it’s the KISS principle, Keep it Simple just your company name and slogan as long as the slogan is not too long.

Fonts – a lot of non-designers believe that using several fonts is stylish but this is a tricky area. Fonts need to be representative of the business. A bank would no more have a girly swirly calligraphic font than a wedding business would have an Old English style.  Again keep it simple choose your fonts very carefully.

Remember the KISS principle but you also need to feel the logo on an emotional level, does it speak to you and what you want your company to represent?

You can often find some great designers on Facebook through some of the Virtual Assistant Groups. Depending on your niche you can also check out FB groups and sites for those offering services to your particular niche. For example if you are looking for a VA logo check out Virtual Assistant Savvies or Virtual Handbookers on Facebook.

Have you had a logo designed or designed a logo you love or hate?

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