Why you need a blog on your business website

Before you complain yes you need a blog on your website. A blog is one of those marketing tools that many entrepreneurs don’t think about initially. You get to busy setting up your business, making sure you are following all the legal rules, and getting your product or service sorted out you tend to overlook or confuse sales and marketing initiatives. They are not interchangeable terms they are two completely separate disciplines. Sales is how you get a customer to buy your product and marketing is how you position your products or services to find your customers to.

you need a blog

Starting a blog falls firmly into the category of marketing and in fact an even better term is relationship marketing. Your blog is there to inform and educate your potential customers. You don’t start a blog to generate sales but it is where you begin to create relationships with your potential customers by giving them valuable and relevant information that helps inform their choices and as a result, the products they buy.

The internet is an informational goldmine and when people go online they are searching for answers or researching why or how to do something. There is nothing a potential customer hates more than a website or blog that simply tries to sell them something immediately.

you need a blog

The five critical points about creating a blog for your business are:

  1. Your blog should offer lots of relevant and timely information that people are looking for.
  2. It needs to be informative and helpful without advertising or pushing a product.
  3. You need to give in order to receive. What do I mean by that? Well you are the expert – isn’t that why you started your business? You created a product or service that fulfills a need now you need to educate and inform your potential customers about you and your services or products and how they will fill their needs.
  4. No entrepreneur can afford not to have a website or blog and in particular a blog which is an incalculable value to your website. A blog gives you the air of expertise and allows you to demonstrate how knowledgeable you are and what value you can bring to your potential customers.
  5. Don’t forget the mechanics of blogging SEO, Social Media Marketing of your blog, and great content.


As an expert in your field, you need to share what you know with your potential customers. Give them the information they are seeking and provide them with resources that demonstrate your value to them. Do this for long enough and your customers will begin to see you as the expert and come to you for more knowledge and buy what you are selling. Even if folks read your blog but don’t buy, they could be sharing that knowledge with others and recommending that new customers who have a need for your products or services are given the information to friends, family and colleagues who may have an immediate need for your services.

There is so much information available to us these days so how do you stand out? Search engine algorithms are designed to crawl through literally tons of written content. Your blog will be better received by these search engine algorithms if there is good content, proper grammar and spelling and your visitors share information, comment or ‘like’ a piece you have written. There is no point in writing a blog piece if no one reads it so you have to stand out to be found and gain an audience.

you need a blog


Before you even begin to think about blogging, you need to develop a strategy and have a good plan at hand. Blogging is not as easy as it sounds. When you start a blog, you should be posting in a consistent manner at least twice a week.

What should you write about?  Anything to do with your business, demonstrate your knowledge about your product. Teach your potential customers why they should buy what you are selling.  Write about why you started the business and what it means to you. Talk to your customers and ask them what they want and what works for them. Give your customers valuable information about how to do something. Link your blog to other relevant blogs and written work. For example if your service is Hypnotherapy – link to articles or provide an analysis of articles for the benefit of your clients. If you are an accountant, explain the differences in accounting methods recommend accounting software or do book reviews or product reviews for your clients.

Make you and your business “relatable” tell personal stories of why you became an entrepreneur. Talk to your customers about your failures and successes – show yourself as a person they want to do business with. Reviews can be critically important and can be shared via a blog it personalizes and touches people individually when they see someone else recommending you for a service that went above and beyond.

You need a blog


Blogging is not a competition it is a way to build relationships and that means as much as possible top bloggers work together with lesser known bloggers. This creates a community of support that will assist you in your social media relationship building. The more relationships you have with people in a similar line of work the more access you have to potential new customers and clients.

A fantastic way to help create that community for yourself it to accept guest posts or even write guest posts for other sites if you have the time.  This is a great opportunity to put your work in front of another blogger’s existing readers. If that blogger has a great following you may win some followers to your blog, this does not dilute the blog you are guest posting on as the situation works both ways and benefits everyone.

Don’t forget though to ensure that the guest posters fit in with your ethos and what your company stands for. There must be some brand standards that need to be applied, such as only accepting the highest quality writing and content. You don’t want second rate, badly spelled and badly researched guest posts, as it is your reputation and your business that is endorsing bad content.

If you don’t have the time to blog and you want to hire someone to do that for you go for it.  There are many resources out there for hiring people to write for you. However, remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect to have a perfect blog piece that represents you and your business when it is poorly written by a content mill.  Content is critical and you should ensure that your content represents you and that the style is what you would have written yourself.

you need a blog

So you see you do need a blog so get started on that blog today it is a critical piece of your marketing toolbox.

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